About Us

After vaping for a few years and being asked millions of questions about vaping, Michael Brader, founder and managing director of Hawke’s Bay Vapour started a small market stall where people could purchase a vape, and test out a few of the e-liquids available, and find out about vaping; how it works, what the benefits are, and how effective it is as a tool for quitting smoking. While vaping had already become a passion for Michael, he found a calling here and opened the first Hawke’s Bay Vapour store. 

4 years later Hawke’s Bay Vapour have 7 stores, Napier, Onekawa, Maraenui, Hastings, Waipukarau, Palmerston North and Levin. We still hold on to and promote the values that Michael started with; friendly, knowledgeable, no bullshit service that helps our customers achieve the goals they set out before entering our stores. Whether that is to quit smoking, blow bigger clouds, get a new e-liquid or simply have a coil changed. 

We champion education, believing that it is important for people to know the benefits, the risks, the etiquette of vaping, and most importantly how to vape safely. At Hawke’s Bay Vapour we believe in providing quality tried and tested products, and the friendliest service around. 

Hawke’s Bay Vapour doesn’t just focus on their retail customers, we also have a dedicated wholesale team that support businesses throughout New Zealand to sell, promote and advocate vaping as well. As official distributors for Innokin, Liqua and Aramax, Hawke’s Bay Vapour are able to provide competitive pricing for their wholesale products, along with a supportive team to help welcome them to the art of vaping. 

So if you’re looking for solutions to your vaping problems, look no further than Hawke’s Bay Vapour, your new local.