How Vaping Helped Me Quit Smoking - Alan's Story

Author: Alan  

vaping help me quit smoking

Some of you may have met Alan when visiting our Hastings or Palmy store, or when working out your online orders. He’s just passed the two years smoke free milestone, and we asked him to share his story.

Early in 2016 a friend of mine gave me my first vape, an Aspire K1. At that point, I wasn’t looking to quit smoking, but after a couple of days of using it, I was barely smoking. I also noticed I had more money, it had cut my smoking costs down pretty much instantly. A few days later I finished the last cigarette in my packet and have never felt a need to buy more.

Hawke’s Bay Vapour was the first shop I went to, it was my one stop shop and used them to get all my supplies. About a month after I started vaping, HB Vapour got me onto my first VW device with an RTA and began my deep dive into building and sub-ohm vaping. I’ve never gone back. After a while they got to know me and I got to know about all things vaping, I was in there so often I didn’t even have to tell them what I wanted when I walked in, they already knew. When the Hastings store opened I worked my way into being part of the sales team, from there I went down to Palmerston North to help open the new store and now work in the warehouse.

Picking up that vape changed my life, it helped me to feel healthier and my bank balance looks a lot better. It also gave me a job that I love and am hugely passionate about. If you’re thinking about trying vaping, just give it shot, you don't know if it'll help you until you try.

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