Krissy's Vaping Story

When you first start vaping it's not easy, there can be so much to remember. We ask Krissy our Manawatu Retail Manager to talk about her experience when she first started vaping and what she wished she knew back then. 

Make sure its turned on, hold the button, inhale and cough! Make sure its turned on, hold the button, inhale and cough! This was my first few days of transitioning from smoking cigarettes to vaping! When I first started vaping it felt like there was way more to remember. Unlike smoking traditional cigarettes I couldn't just light it up and go.

This is how it all started (Memory bubble appears here). I went into my local tobacconist to buy my loyal port royal and walked out with a vape instead. My first device was a little prefilled cartridge pen. I got a Virginia Tobacco (Stage 3) 18mg then walked out with a new swag in my step! Saving my life one puff at a time.

Actually it wasn't that easy at all. I spent the next week going back into the shop trying to figure out why my throat hurt, why I felt dizzy and my head was pounding like there was a child playing drums inside there. After the man finally got sick of seeing my face he sent me around the corner to Hawkes Bay Vapour.

Firstly I was absolutely shocked that literally 10 meters down the road there was a designated vape shop and I had never noticed it even once.

I walked in. One of the guys behind the counter looked like he had just left a rock show and the other almost presented as the store bouncer. I pretended I was a super confident chilled vaper and that sham of a show was noticed almost immediately….Thank God too because I really needed help.

The edgy rock singer sat me down, looked at my device and asked me a couple questions while the bouncer looking man got me a glass of water and a few tester devices.

Question one, How much did you smoke a day?

Question two, What sort of smokes did you smoke?


First thing first people, ALWAYS DRINK WATER. When you start vaping your body can get a bit dehydrated…..Clearly I didn't know this. This was a contributing factor to my drum pounding headache. Add a extra glass or two to your regular diet and you won't look as foolish as myself.

The bouncer man gave me a few little tester devices and a bright pink tip. Each of these devices had a different nicotine strength in them. Some made me cough like I was walking out of a smog filled room, some made me crave more and then there was a perfect 12mg!

My little device’s battery had been dying on me constantly. So now that I was comfortable and didn't feel quite as embarrassed as I had upon entering I asked the men for some help with a different option. They lead me to the starter kits. There were soooooo many options. In a split second I suddenly felt like a moron again. The bouncer man could see this. He looked at me and laughed. This was followed by a stern “Girl, don't look so worried, it’s our job to make sure you have the right device. I promise you will be happily vaping as you leave this shop”.

After 40 minutes in the shop, I had a Pink T18, a 12mg Liqua Traditional Tobacco and a huge smile on my face. It is now coming up to 2 years since that day. I have had one or two setbacks along the way but every single time it happened I have walked back in and have walked out again set up and ready to go. To this day I still own that same T18 device, and on occasions I still use Traditional tobacco.

Here’s the thing. When it comes to vaping not one size fits all. Everyone requires a little more attention to find out what fits them perfectly.

Here’s some of the most helpful tips I wish I knew when I started-

  1. If your head is sore. Drink some water. Keep that daily intake of water up. A glass or two a day keeps the headache away.
  2. If your throat is sore or your struggling to intake your vape correctly pop in and ask someone about trying a lower nicotine strength.
  3. If you find yourself hanging off your vape and still not satisfied try a higher nicotine strength.
  4. If device doesn't feel strong enough or your battery is dying constantly, see if another device may be more fitted to your vaping style.
  5. Ensure your device is right for your vaping style. There are two different ways to vaping. Ask if you are using the right device set up for your intake.

I’m ever so thankful for my local Bouncer and Rocker, that may have been the day I gave up for good. I thank the man at my local tobacconist for giving up on me because that allowed me to find where I needed to be. Now I walk with swag because I get to help people everyday start their vaping journey. I get to ease the pressure, I get to educate and I get to see their smiles as they leave the shop.

So that's Krissy's story, if you want to go follow her Instagram - @kz_vape_land and don't forget to say "Hi" if you see her doing her thing in our Palmerston North or Levin stores.  

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