We're going back to our roots

We’re going back to our roots!

You may have noticed some changes recently and we wanted to share our plans with you to minimise any inconvenience that may occur.

To make sure we’re here for the long term, we have had to reorganise the business a little. We’re planning to go back to where it all started and consolidate our business activities in Hawke’s Bay. Sadly, this means that we are closing our Palmerston North and Levin stores (keep an eye out for an announcement about Palmy!) and while we’ll physically be gone from the Manawatu, our customers will still be able to order online and have their favourite vape supplies delivered right to the door.

Importantly, there is no change to our loyalty system and your loyalty card balances will remain the same for you to redeem when you are ready. Also very importantly, is that regardless of where you are, our warranty holds good for all the items that we supply.

With that said, we’ll be focusing our efforts on our 3 Hawke’s Bay stores - Napier, Hastings, and Waipukurau. These 3 stores will still be providing the quality of service and support that you’ve come to expect, along with all the products you love. Our store hours will be a little different from here on out and on the Store Finder page of our website. We’ll also be grandstanding some amazing specials and offers for our customers as well.

So, come in and see us. Our staff will still be smiling and as always are there to help. Don’t forget our website is still running and we’re still shipping orders directly to your door.

The Management of Hawke's Bay Vapour

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