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Beginner Vape Mods

Posted by HB Vapour on

If you're considering making the switch from smoking to vaping, make the leap, you wont regret it. If you'd like some more information about vaping to help you make the choice check out our Vaping 101 blog.

With so many options for beginners, we thought we'd give you our recommendations . These are our 'go to' vapes for someone that is just starting out, if you'd like tailored advice head to your nearest Hawke's Bay Vapour Store. Our team are always available to answer your questions, and best of all help you try different mods, coils and taste test e-juice all before you buy!

Starter Vape - Aramax vape pen

 Aramax Vaping Pen - This vape is really simple and easy to use. It's a great choice for someone who doesn't smoke often but wants to kick the habit. The Aramax pen lasts for 300 puffs, and at $19.99 it's a great choice if you only want to dip your toes into the vaping world. 

Beginner Mod - Innokin Endura T18 Innokin Endura T18 - The T18 has been engineered specifically for beginners, it's very simple, elegant, and compact. It provides great flavour and the tank is mouth to lung giving you the same feeling of a cigarette. It also comes in a range of colours and is a great choice of the occasional smoker. 

Beginner Vape - Innokin Endura T20sInnokin Endura T20s - The T20-s will provide you with an exceptional experience, focusing on delivering you with a pure flavor and good throat hit. It's LED power indicator will mean you always know when you need to charge. The T20-s is a fantastic option for someone who smokes a pack a week, or to have as a back up for your regular vape.  

Starter Vape - Innokin EZ.WattInnokin EZ.WATT - The EZ.WATT gives you the option of a Mouth to Lung (MTL) (more like a cigarette) or Direct to Lung (DTL) coil option. it also gives you three different wattage settings. Playing with these options will let you create the perfect vaping experience for your personal needs.This is a great choice for someone smoking a pack of cigarettes a week. 

Starter Vape - Innokin Endura T22

 Innokin Endura T22 -  The T22 is a great choice for those who smoke a pack a day. It packs a powerhouse of flavors that deliver a great, natural, mouth to lung vape experience.The 4.5ml tank will last you through the day, it's also durable, compact and long lasting. 

Vaping for beginners - Joyetech Penguin Joyetech Atopack Penguin - With an 8.8ml tank the you'll never have to worry about running out of juice while at work, or out of the house. The Penguin gives fantastic flavour, great clouds and has a pretty cool design. They're great for someone who smokes a pack or more a day, or as a reliable back up for every vaper. 

Starter Vape - Innokin Pocketmod

 Innokin PocketMod - The Pocketmod is uniquely designed, with a square shape and lanyard attachment which makes it easy and convenient to carry around with you. The Pocketmod can be both MTL or DTL, and provides fantastic flavour. It rubberised finished also means, that you wont have to worry about scratches or nicks. It's great for a heavy smoker that has an 'on-the-go' lifestyle.

Please bear in mind that vaping is not an exact science, and it is different for everyone. You vaping experience will also depend on the types of e-juice you like, what level of nicotine you'll need and what mod is best for you, so head to your nearest store and chat with our team. They'll be able to talk you through all your options and help you find the perfect vape. You'll also be able to taste test some e-juices, mods and nicotine strengths. If you can't get into one of our stores, send us an email or Facebook message. We're always happy to help, whether it's purchasing your first vape, or you've hit a stumbling block. 

Good luck on your vaping journey.