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Product Review - NiteCore i8 Battery Charger

Posted by Jason on

When it comes to batteries it’s important to have the right charger (battery safety should always be a top priority), so today we bring you a review of the NiteCore i8 charger. Our Manawatu Area manager, Jason reviewed the product and fell in love, so much so he’s now using it daily. Here’s what he thought:

To me this has been one of the best investments I have ever made in a household where both myself and my wife vape. The i8 is a no fuss power machine and charges 8 battery's, yes 8! And it fits the 2700 batteries. A must when I chew through 20700 or 18650 batteries like there is no tomorrow when using my single battery mechs. It has a compact foot print with no screen to worry about and simple lights;1 light per battery - red whilst charging and green when done. It’s design means that when it’s charging on a flat surface there is next to no heat build up, which gives you piece of mind.

NiteCore has outdone themselves with this device. The cooling system is amazing, and I don’t miss the screens from my eFest Blu6 or NiteCore i4 (although I still have them in other rooms of the house). I recommend this charger if you’re like me and have multiple vapers in the house, or just chew through batteries. It’s fast, effective and no fuss.

NiteCore i8 Pros
  • 8 battery slots
  • Charges AA, AAA, C, D.
  • Charges 18650, 20700, 26650
  • Has USB out
  • Has optional 12V charger
  • Small footprint for how many it can charge at once
NiteCore i8 Cons
  • Not the prettiest looking thing (but it grows on you)
  • Only other con is when someone else fills your charger with their batteries and there is no slot for yourself.

Call into your nearest store to get yours or order your NiteCore i8 online right now - http://www.hbvapour.nz/nitecore-i8-8-bay-charger/