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Vaping 101

Posted by HB Vapour on

Vaping for beginners

When you first consider making the switch to vaping, it can be overwhelming and confusing. There is so much information, so much fake news and so many people to give you an opinion.

So what’s true, what’s not and what the hell is vaping?

What is vaping?

Vaping is the art of inhaling vapour from e-liquid through a personal vaporiser.

Basically, vaping is the name given to the use of a personal vaporiser. Vaping involves applying heat to a liquid which generators a vapour. The user, generally called a vaper gets their nicotine hit by inhaling the almost odourless vapour.

Vaping is great alternative to smoking, it’s just like smoking but it’s free from tar, carbon monoxide and hundreds of other chemicals. There’s also no bad smell, no bad breath, no ciggy butts to clean up, and less likelihood of getting cancer and other smoking related illnesses. New Zealand’s Ministry of Health have even said “vaping is better than smoking”!

What makes a vaporiser?

Vaporisers are made up of various components, but all contain a battery, atomiser, and e-liquid.

Battery: This is the power source; they’re all rechargeable and depending on the mod can be charged using a USB cable or a separate battery charger.

Tube/Case: Holds everything together

Cartridge: Houses the e-liquid/e-juice.

Atomiser: Responsible for heating the e-liquid and creating vapour that the user inhales and exhales.

Cartomiser: This is the cartridge and atomiser rolled into one.

E-liquid: Also known as e-juice, this is a water-based liquid infused with nicotine. It can come plain or in hundreds of delicious flavours. E-Juice is made up of vegetable glycerine and /or propylene glycol, nicotine and flavouring (more about e-juice coming soon).

In short, the battery powers the atomiser, the atomiser heats the e-liquid and creates vapour, and then you inhale the vapour! Easy.

What is vaping like?

If you’re wondering what vaping is like, here is it put simply.

E-liquid comes in different nicotine strengths categorised in milligrams: 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18, and 24mg. (Some juices are able to be customised and can be as low as 1mg) Most juices are also available in 0mg which contains no nic at all. So why are we explaining this? Stronger nicotine will result in a stronger throat sensation, this in the vaping world is known as ‘throat hit’ or ‘kick’. It depends on the individual user and how much nicotine they want, and need.

While vaping is the closest alternative to smoking, but please know that the first time you vape you will cough and it will feel different. But stick it out, we’ve all been through it, and after the first day, you wonder why you didn’t do it sooner!

Is vaping safe?

We have this conversation daily. The basic answer is yes, it’s not 100% safe but then nothing really is. Public Health England estimates that vaping is 95% safer then smoking. The last 5% is largely due to a lack of long term research. Nicotine is involved but there is no tobacco, and a number have studies have proven there are no known adverse effects on the heart and arteries (both effected greatly by smoking). Another bonus is that the vapour emitted when you exhale does not pose a public health risk in the same way tobacco does!

Benefits of vaping.

Where do we start, there are so many. Firstly it’s more cost effective in the long run – only costing a few dollars a day (depends on usage). Secondly, vaping is odourless (if there is, it smells amazing), and reduces the likelihood of health concerns. There are no more ciggy butts, no fire or flames (forget having to find a lighter), no ash, no ashtray to clean, and soooo many juice options. And lastly, it can help your cravings: Craving chocolate? Vape a chocolate flavoured e-juice. Need a coffee without the caffine? Vape a coffee flavoured juice. The list goes on but these are our favourite!

If you want to or are trying to give up smoking but struggling.. we get it. Our whole team has been there at one point or another. Vaping really is a much better and healthier experience. Yes it is misunderstood and still somewhat new, but if you’re considering it, don’t be swayed by the myths. Do you own research talk to people who vape and find what works for you.

The best way to find what works for you, is to try, try and try some more. Your nearest Hawke’s Bay Vapour store is full of juice and mod testers, as well as knowledgeable and friendly staff that can help you find the perfect vape for your needs. 

To check out our recommended starter vapes, check out this blog.

Congratulations on starting your vaping journey, we’re here to help.